Tamara Thomas Dance is African based – Ideologically and kinesthetically.  the aim is to honestly create and share human topics using an African consciousness.  The African Diaspora is large and is an umbrella for many unique cultural and spiritual lineages and experiences.  The resulting choreographic material that comes from that African well constantly feeds me and is also fed, as this is indeed a symbiotic relationship. 

this work is made possible only as I recognize the shoulders that it rests on.  I honor the endorsement that the ancestors give me, as I move to the beat of their drum, while making my own rhythms.  I aim to be shoulders for the next generation.

“If you build it they will come…”

Tamara Thomas Dance seeks to create honest work that directly engages the community.  From an African perspective, dance and other such cultural outpourings, inherently embody “form” and “function".  the dance does not exist merely to satisfy itself, but to fulfill some larger purpose.  I do not believe the world will change in totality as a result of my choreographic works, but I hope to plant seeds that bear great crop. 

Let the circle be unbroken. I endeavor to encourage dancers, dance lovers, and related artisans, to move, seek, fight and acquire balance. Each one REACH one....each one teach one.  we cannot lose if we strive for love and truth as we build something great.